Greatest Power

I was far from home now.

Exploring the woods that were deep.

The Sun was now below the horizon;

The hanging darkness making my chest tighten.

The air reeked of malice and dejection;

My thoughts screamed to get out of that region.

At once, I set foot for home.

Turning behind to the nested darkness.

Only to see it staring back;

With gruesome aura she stalked in the black.

Her face young,charming and fine;

Yet those fixated eyes,as old as time.

With stealth of a hungry tiger.

She drew nearer to me.

A chill ran down my spine;

She opened her lips baring those canine.

“You dare enter my territory with your puny might!

Answer a question or become my feast for tonight.”

Unable to find the words lost to fear.

I stood their motionless with eyes wide open.

She snickered at the horror it showed;

Her ancient voice made my blood run cold.

“For frail mortal, strangled in his worldly mistake;

What is the greatest power he can obtain?’

My freedom stood an answer away.

Although death would greet me at my error.

I forced myself to think frantically;

Collecting every thought that occurred to me.

Hysterically, I filtered the word from my brain’s noise;

“Positivity”,replied I with a weak voice.

I took a breath to collect my thoughts and continued.

“For lives infested with hatred,pain,suffering and woe.

Where only in death one lies at ease;

Powerful he is indeed to avert this wretched breeze.

Choosing to enlighten it with blithe and positivity’s spark;

At this she smirked and vanished in the dark.


Six Feet Under

Staring into the void.
At the darkness that blanketed the air.
My skin felt cold.
Though I was surrounded by warmth;
And the smell of mold.

A tight wrap enclosed from head below.
I tried to move my hands.
But the effort was in vain.
At the tilt of my head;
I felt lumps & grain.

My chest felt heavy.
As I gasped for breath.
Did I taste death and come back?
Or was I buried alive with breath left?
I let out a muffled scream like a maniac.


Whirling Whites

I stood in a corner, completely dazed.

At the sight of the whirling whites.

The dervishes with their billowing robes;

A serene mind and mystical hopes.

Those graceful movements.

Synced with beats of their hearts.

Blurring the line between heaven and Earth;

They floated between the two worlds thenceforth.

In pursue for oneness with God.

To taste the sweetness of ecstasy.

They take refuge from mirages of desire,

To tame the nafs residing like wild fire.

With faith that could move mountains.

They strive to unfurl the veil of ignorance.

Following the utter path of aesticism;

Those people belonged to Sufism.


Beast in the Manor

The hemline of the long silken dress.
Flowing across the old musty carpet.
In the candle lit corridor,
Of the old dank manor.

Her bodice soaked with muck sweat.
Her lungs gasping for breath.
She must run with all her might,
Or else this might be her last night.

The passageway was filled with an ominous roar.
The biped stood just round the corner.
With face pale white and stone cold eyes,
Inhuman smirk and razor sharp fangs.

She reached the dead end of the passage.
With shuddering horror she looked behind.
At his face which came from another world,
That lunged towards her with thirst of blood.



Something’s happening out there.
The world is changing.
The streets are now empty and desolate.
The winds of destruction are blowing upon us,
Carrying away our euphoria with it thus.

A surge is coming.
Consuming every human in it’s way.
The lives we lived,
Is now just a weaved fantasy.
Unexpected has created history.

My senses have intensified.
The whole world is falling apart.
Hospitals are packed with patients.
Millions lying on death beds,
Their loved ones sobbing from a distance.

Although the days have gotten quieter.
Our solace has turned into paranoia.
2020,the year of pandemic.
Year which will be studied in history,
Year which affected almost every country.



Dreams,such a small word it seems,
But across every mind it has travelled and been.
Some have accomplished it and have had their stories being ended happily.
But others have drowned in the depth of this ocean, helplessly.

Not everyone finds a four leaf clover,
Some cross path with death and their dreams are over.
Castles collapse that in dreams were built,
Just like petals fall of the flowers that wilt.


Last Person Alive

I opened my eyes to see smoke,
Burning houses and everything black as coke.
Confused was how I stood,
Nothing,was how I remembered it looked.

Not a single trace of life on street,
I called for help,but no one came out for me to greet.
Piles of dead body,lay on the ground,
Staring into blankness with open eyes and no shroud.

The streets were washed with the red of blood,
All my nightmares came alive and rushed towards me like a flood.
The silence was deadly,
It was driving me towards insanity.

The air around me reeked of death,
But no one stood beside me to get a whiff of that scent.
I saw a glint of light leaving their lifeless body,
For the souls were departing this world to enter eternity.

I trudged the roads endlessly,
But wherever I went demise greeted me.
After the light parted and darkness lured,
I became the last person alive in this world.